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Do you agree or disagree with the author go either way it does not Essay

Do you concur or differ with the writer go whichever way it doesn't make a difference to me - Essay Example It has caught the consideration of different nations remembering the United States for work power and innovation. There is no uncertainty that China has the most sophisticate innovations and the quickest financial development than some other state over the globe. It is likewise clear that China has solid military powers. Notwithstanding every one of these variables, I can't help contradicting Gifford that China is the future super force. As indicated by Uckert (1995, p. 9), China despite everything face some serious issues that block her from accomplishing this enormous objective. This has been obvious in the market since a large portion of China’ economy has been consistently state claimed. These state claimed endeavors utilize just a single third of the urban Chinese workforce while about portion of the undertakings run by the state are unfruitful. In spite of the fact that the Chinese government comprehends the circumstance, they are hesitant in light of the fact that they dread it will cause joblessness and social distress. Second obstruction is the populace, which brings down its per capita salary. To quantify the economy of China, it should traverse a bigger populace which likewise influences its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At present, the world GDP is developing at s pace of 4.5 %. The ordinary china’s economy as of now is $3.2 trillion for it to lead each state it implies that it needs to develop at 11% consistently for a long time which may not be conceivable on the grounds that it has never developed past 10%. Furthermore, high populace prompts joblessness and furthermore powers the legislature to redirect its ventures to non gainful segments like lodging therefore influencing its monetary development. Aside from that, it likewise prompts visit bending of value items, debasement and restricted government incomes. Every one of these components are not pointers of future super powers. Right now, the connection between the state and the general public in china isn't solid because of inconsistent conveyance of assets. There is incredible dissimilarity among wages and ways of life among the Chinese residents,

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Why did opposition to the Tsar increase in the years 1881-1914 free essay sample

For what reason did restriction to the Tsar increment in the years 1881-1914 During the time of 1881-1914 resistance towards the Tsar in Russia expanded. The fundamental reasons with respect to why resistance towards the Tsar emerged in Russia can be believed to be because of the uneasiness developing between the Russian individuals. A solid feeling of discontent spread all through Russia, this since Russia had experienced extraordinary residential and monetary difficulties in this period. The most critical difficulties which Russian residents experienced â€eventually prompting the resistance of the Tsar ,was their need for political change, severe restriction, mistreatment of the Okrana, their need for political change , their poor way of life , absence of trust of Tsarist government following the Russo-Japanese war lastly the 1905 insurgency . The primary reason with regards to why restriction to the Tsar expanded in the years 1881-1914 is the Russian people groups need for political change. Their need for political change is expected to the severe, abusive and controlled system of state they lived in. Following the death of his dad Alexander II, Alexander III fixed the changes recently made by his dad and presented his own changes during his rule of 1881-1894. One significant change presented by Alexander was the Russification of Russia. This confined the language in Russia to Russian just; it likewise transparently began assaults on Jews. In spite of the Jews being a minority bunch inside Russia, the Jewish populace was tremendous and a greater part of Russians were Jewish, in this way the Russification of the Jews implied that the Tsar lost the help of a ton of the Russian populace which prompted further restriction. Alexander likewise propelled a crusade of restraint to each one of those supporting political change, he limited press opportunity just as guaranteeing outside books papers were thoroughly blue-penciled. This prompted turmoil in Russia the same number of felt their opportunity was removed and were against the type of control they presently were under. This was declined as the Okhrana (the mystery police) was built up. The Okhrana worked covert, invading associations and gatherings which may introduce a risk to the Tsar; the Okhrana was profoundly disagreeable inside Russia with the individuals as its strategies of control were serious and fierce. This thusly expanded restriction to the Tsar as a wide measure of Russians resented their absence of social liberties, which had been encroached under the Tsars changes. The subsequent reason with respect to why resistance to the Tsar expanded in the years 1881-1914 was the poor way of life most of the common laborers experienced . This is on the grounds that in spite of the Russian business and joblessness levels improving during the 1890s because of the ‘great spurt’, the working condition for the regular workers in manufacturing plants and in mechanical towns was extremely poor. Russia’s mechanical towns couldn't adapt to its regularly developing populace and subsequently the common laborers needed to adapt to poor working conditions and lower pay. This implied their way of life declined and they could now just manage the cost of the base necessities the required to remain alive, in spite of working extended periods in a poor workplace. As a reaction to this laborers endeavored to urge a change to better their working conditions. Anyway they got no reaction structure the Tsarist Government, this in this way prompted the restriction of the Tsar the same number of felt ignored by the Tsar and Government. The third reason with respect to why restriction to the Tsar expanded in the years 1881-1914 was the annihilation of Russia in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. The destruction was a significant hit to Russia who had been careless about being successful. The destruction prompted a common sentiment of mortification across Russia, the Russian individuals would have been humiliated that they an enormous nation lost to what were an a lot littler second rate nation. The Russians censured the administration for the loss of the war and in this way disdain towards the legislature developed, from the residents as well as from the military and naval force who were irate that they were under arranged for the war. The thrashing likewise changed the Russian’s perspectives towards the Tsar Nicholas. The picture of the Tsar being almighty and the defender of his realm was seriously influenced, and people’s thoughts regarding the Tsar transformed, they thought he was amazing enough to bring them triumph against Japan , particularly as they accepted the Tsar was picked by God. Anyway episodes, for example, the thrashing in Tsushima indicated that the Tsar was in actuality powerless as he didn't lead Russia to triumph. The destruction and disappointment of the Tsar prompted individuals betraying him as their confidence in him was lost, this in this way prompted an expansion in restriction towards the Tsar. The fourth reason with regards to why restriction to the Tsar expanded in the years 1881-1914 was the commotion of the upset in 1905. The Russian individuals were at that point imperceptibly against the Tsar and government, yet by 1905 the resistance expanded drastically prompting an upheaval. The unrest started after five men were sacked from an industrial facility in St Petersburg, the laborers from a similar manufacturing plant felt the excusal was uncalled for and along these lines took to the streets in fight trying to get the laborers reestablished. The word spread of the dissent and by Friday seventh January 105,000 laborers protested in nauseate. Not exclusively did many feel appalled at the laborers excusal, the occasions additionally helped them to remember the difficulties they were looking under their state control, one of the latest difficulties being that their 1905 request for political change was won't. Besides this prompted enormous exhibitions being sorted out. Anyway the Tsar and Government restricted the exhibits and set a great many soldiers around St Petersburg on extensions to stop the walks, trying to monitor open distress to stay away from further resistance spreading. In spite of the fights being restricted the marchers proceeded with their shows and made a beeline for the Winter Palace. Anyway once they arrived at the Palace the demonstrators were destroyed. The shootings at the demonstrators prompted 800 members being injured and 200 slaughtered. This prompted more prominent restriction of the Tsar. This is on the grounds that the shooting of the demonstrators ,which got known as ‘bloody Sunday’, demonstrated to the Russian residents that the Tsar was reluctant to tune in to their supplications and was set up to go to the boundaries of savagery , killing their companions or family ,all in endeavor to prevent them from fighting for what they had faith in. This thusly driven them feel mad at the Tsar for his reasonable obliviousness towards his kin. From all above I accept that there are a great deal of components with respect to why resistance towards the Tsar developed in the years 1881-1914. Anyway the most critical explanation with respect to why resistance towards the Tsar happened is down to the Tsar

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Ryle's criticisms of Cartesian Dualism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ryle's reactions of Cartesian Dualism - Essay Example This reaches out to presence as having two separate planes, a material presence and a psychological presence, with the two planes oppositely contradicted to one another and isolated significantly, having no connection of causation between the two. In the physical world, individuals can impart, yet the psychological cognizant world is totally avoided see and mysterious by others. To the topic of what sort of information can be acquired by the brain's functions, the Cartesian dualist viewpoint declares that cognizance can get a decent handle of the current activities of one's psyche, which can't be shaken as incredible, notwithstanding contributions by Freud as to some oblivious, subliminal driving forces that can likewise oversee the cognizant procedures. The information is introduced inside the quick time span, accessible to the awareness or brain. Together with this information are simply the products of one person’s going into himself, thoughtfully, to look at his psyche's s ubstance as a sort of self-perception. The other, in the interim, isn't privy and is totally closed out of this prompt awareness experience. Indeed, even language is said to mirror this perspective on cognizance as something inborn and to which the outside activities in the earth register and establish connections. Ryle calls this entire framework of thought the phantom in the machine closed minded plan. He challenges this doctrine on a few grounds and items to its legitimacy. Ryle affirms that the entire apparition in the machine foundation or hypothesis of psyche is totally bogus (Ryle, 1949, pp. 11-16) â€Å"I will regularly talk about it, with purposeful harshness, as ‘the authoritative opinion of the Ghost in the Machine’. I want to refute that it is completely, and bogus not in detail yet on a basic level. It isn't only a collection of specific missteps. It is one serious mix-up and slip-up of a unique kind. It is, specifically, a classification botch (Ryle, Desc artes' legend, 1949, pp. 15-16, Paragraph #2) The center of the protest is as to the Cartesian perspective on the dualism of psyche and body as a classification botch and a fantasy of the scholar, implying that generally those psychological procedures are miscategorized and made to fit a class to which they don't have a place. Ryle gives the case of the University visit given to somebody who in the wake of being indicated the offices asks where the college is as though the college was in a similar class as the structures and the grounds, instead of establishing its whole. He refers to another case of a first-time cricket match-up watcher, who missteps solidarity as being in a similar class of the various players and the places that they involve, instead of being established by the collaboration and brotherhood of the players in the group. These are instances of class botches, to which the scholars buying in to the Cartesian dualist mood in like manner capitulate to. In the models, R yle noticed that the issue lay with the perceivers experiencing issues in getting a handle on the subtleties of language and the constraints of their jargon. It is the equivalent with an oblivious man seeing the constitution as something mystical and ethereal, or the imaginary John Doe in the equivalent mysterious and spooky terms, since that uninformed man can't escape from utilizing the classes of believed that he knows about when managing physical existences concerning the possibility of the constitution and of John Doe. In

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Essay Topic - How To Get A Current Topic PDF

Essay Topic - How To Get A Current Topic PDFAre you looking for a way to apply for writing a thesis for a college or university? Or perhaps you just need some ideas to write the essay?Getting a current topic PDF is easy. There are many sites online where you can get a current topic PDF. However, if you are taking the college essay writing course you have probably already done your research and picked the topic you want to write. This is a good start, but you will still need ideas for your paper.You can find all sorts of websites on the internet that will show you all the college topics and ask you what you want to write about. These websites will charge you a fee for their services. Alternatively, you can join a college essay writing group where people who have the same interests gather together. This is the fastest way to get the ideas you need.If you think you are stuck at the point where you want to apply for writing a thesis, maybe you should try the current topic PDF option firs t. Then you can figure out what it is you want to write. Many people find this is much easier.If you already know what you want to say and you are stuck, then you should try the current topic PDF. However, if you do not know much, you may want to join a writing group that meets weekly. This is a great way to get in contact with other students who have the same interests.If you get stuck, ask your teacher or professor if you can submit an essay on a current topic PDF. Most people know professors and they can usually give you the application form for the college writing course.Just remember that using the current topic PDF will only get you started. You must work hard to find a topic that you really love and it must be something that you have done before. After you have written several papers on your current topic, you will be well on your way to applying for writing a thesis!

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The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay - 2884 Words

Throughout the United States an argumentative topic is the death penalty - should it be legalized across the 50 states or be declared unconstitutional? Some believe the death penalty is a better option for those who deserve the highest form of punishment available. However, others argue capital punishment is a waste of resources and should be brought to an end. Therefore, while many believe the death penalty should be legalized throughout the United States because it offers a higher form of punishment, others believe the death penalty should be repealed because it causes unnecessary deaths. Many believe the death penalty has recently been discovered; although, it originated in the B.C. era. For example, the earliest forms of government had introduced the death penalty for those who had committed large offences. One researcher writes, â€Å"Death Penalty laws can be traced back as far as the 18th century B.C. when the Code of King Hammurabi established death as the penalty for 25 di fferent crimes† (â€Å"Capital Punishment Timeline†). He claims the death penalty started before anyone would have thought; it had been used during the B.C. era. Hammurabi used this as the highest punishment for the most offensive crimes one could commit. Hammurabi had first developed the idea of an â€Å"eye for an eye,† meaning if one commits a horrific crime then the same horrific crime shall be done to him. Although it began in B.C. era, criminal punishment is still used today. Some of the mostShow MoreRelatedThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal1261 Words   |  6 PagesThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal The death penalty should not be legal because of two major reasonings. These reasons are, the death penalty takes the lives of many innocent people, and it also costs too much. The death penalty should not be legal because innocent people are wrongly convicted and killed. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, it puts innocent lives at risk. At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the United States in the modern era are innocent (DeathRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Legal1457 Words   |  6 PagesThe death penalty can be traced all the way to biblical times when people were executed for many reasons such as: for not believing in their god(s), choosing to interact in sexual conduct while unmarried, stealing, murder, etc. The methods of execution back in those times were to either: stone, hang, slay, crucify, and burn not only the offender who committed the crime, but if he or she had a family, the entire family was executed with them as a warning to the people of their tribe or city to notRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Legal?985 Words   |  4 PagesBen Goble Mr. Newman English Comp. November 4, 2015 Should the Death Penalty be Legal? The death penalty, also called capital punishment, has been a topic of debate among the public for many years, gaining very little ground in changing the legality of it one way or the other. The topic is very controversial because many people feel that it is wrong to take the life of another person. On the other hand a very comparable number of people push for the legality of capital punishment for condemningRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal1004 Words   |  5 Pagesabolish death penalty† (Bosman). In thirty-one states, federal government and military legal system, the death penalty is lawful. Even the Supreme Court has been changed direction of capital punishment. One day, it could be a legal and illegal by the Supreme Court. Most of European countries ban the death penalty except Belarus that if a criminal involve international terrorism, murdered, inhumane crime and the criminal receives death penalty. Nowadays, banned the death penalty becomeRead MoreDeath Penalty Should Be Legal943 Words   |  4 PagesDo you think that death penalty will give justice for the innocent lives? The death penalty continues to be an issue of controversy in the whole world because people have different beliefs for giving justice to the innocents. For some people, they want it legal because death penalty will give justice for the innocent victims and a form of vengeance to the criminals. On the flipside, other people don’t agree with it because a lot of innocents are putting into death. These people believe that it isRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal1573 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many legal issues that come along with the death penalty. Ratified on December 15, 1791, The United States Bill of Rights states in its eight amendment, â€Å"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.† (8th Amendment to the Constitutio n). The Supreme Court stated during the 1958 case of Trop v. Dulles, that the 8th amendment must draw its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturingRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Legal1555 Words   |  7 Pageshave on a person? The death penalty, or capital punishment, is one of the most debated topics in America. It has been used for centuries, but many claim it to be barbaric, and want the practice to end all together. The death penalty should only be used in cases where there is absolute evidence that the criminal is guilty, because life in prison can be an alternative, there are many flaws in the justice system, and it can be a cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is legal in 32 states, theRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Legal1554 Words   |  7 Pagesreceive the death penalty. Some say it is what they deserve, while others say that it is a â€Å"cruel and unusual†punishment. States, such as New Jersey, have already banned the penalty, but some states are still pending on whether to have the penalty or to follow New Jersey’s path . If you were to go and ask people why they are against the death penalty, they would say it is because it goes against morality, constitutionality, and the irrevocable mistakes of putting the wrong person to death. WhenRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal1553 Words   |  7 Pagescalled problems with our system of justice is the death penalty. Capital punishment in this country seems to have its pros and cons. There are more issues and complications with being sentenced to death, while the positives are minuscule. The death penalty should not be allowed in the United States, and there are many reasons for this argument. The death penalty has caused controversy in the country since it became popular. 31 states use the death penalty and is also used by the military. Its use isRead MoreShould The Death Penalty Be Legal?1638 Words   |  7 PagesShould the death penalty be legal or be abolished? Laws and regulations vary from nation to nation. Attitudes towards the capitalism, as well, vary from person to person. The death penalty, it seems, has become more debatable topic than ever. Although some people think capital punishment, just like death penalty, is a inhuman act which against human s rights for life and it is too cruel to give the criminals another chance to live a new life. I suppose capital punishment is still an effective

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Corporate Social Responsibility Definition - 1011 Words

This research study is about what the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is, how people define and how I understand this term? According to my research and observations, CSR does not have only one and constant definition. I have read a lot of definitions of CSR and in fact, they are similar but not the same. Briefly, definition and understanding of CSR depends on person to person. Thus, I am going to talk about definitions of the CSR and I will define my own perspective about the CSR. As I mentioned, CSR does not have one definition. There is huge amount of CSR definitions published by business world and economists. For example, â€Å"CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact†¦show more content†¦THE PYRAMID OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY According to Archie Caroll, who found CSR pyramid, there are 4 aspects of Corporate Social Responsibilities which is divided in Economic, Legal, Ethical and Philanthropic Responsibilities. Corporate Citizens are expected to be profitable, be abiding the laws, be ethical and be charitable to society. (Carrol, July-Aug. 1991.) This pyramid reflects what the CSR is by defining the responsibilities of the corporations in four different stages. First level is Economic responsibilities of the corporations which refers the corporations’ main goal, making or being profitable. Second step Legal Responsibilities, this stage explains how the corporations act when they do business, obey the laws and follow the rules. Third part of the pyramid is about Ethical responsibilities of the corporations. This step reflects being ethical. On the other word, what the right and wrong is. In addition, Corporations should avoid unfair and non-ethical actions in the society. Finally, top of the pyramid reflects being good corporate citizen. I think, it suggests corporations should follow the laws and rules, pay the taxes, do the right and ethical, and take care of its workers and environment. In my opinion this pyramid reflects my exact definition about the CSR. MY CSR DEFINITION According to my research and overall aspects about the Social responsibility as a citizen, Corporate SocialShow MoreRelatedDefinition Of Corporate Social Responsibility1007 Words   |  5 PagesRogers Telecom’s definition of corporate social responsibility is similar to the ISO 26000 in addressing the seven principle subjects, organizational governance, human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement and development. Although, not all issues belonging to these principles were addressed. The strongest attributes of the Rogers CSR definition supported by their 2013 CSR report are organizational governance, fair operatingRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility: Global Definition of Csr, Impact of Csr on Smes, Best Practices, and Strategies Could Be Implemented in Bangladesh.10265 Words   |  42 Pagesfor CSR solely because of its economic benefits - an ethical case must be made for companies taking responsi bility for the impact of their relations with society and the environment, otherwise the foundations of CSR will be far too narrow. However, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly significant category by which a company s reputation is evaluated. A variety of social and environmental issues across a broad spectrum of industries have recently been covered in the mediaRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility Of India Essay1669 Words   |  7 Pages CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN INDIA â€Å"Crossing the Bridge from Knowing to doing† Jasleen Kaur Luthra* â€Å"Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.† Carie Underwood Abstract The 21st century is characterized by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, arising from globalization, the desire forRead MoreThe Concepts Of Csr And Financial Performance1450 Words   |  6 PagesTo measure the corporate social responsibilities and financial performance, the property and concept should be the first concern. This chapter aims to provide a detailed description of the concepts of CSR and financial performance. The framework and theories of CSR and financial performance are analyzed in the following sections. In addition, the measurement of corporate social performance and financial performance are also discussed. 2.1 What is CSR? After more than one hundred years of improvementRead MoreEvaluation: Ethical Perspectives on Social Responsibility Essay1143 Words   |  5 Pageson Social Responsibility This paper evaluates Cohen’s article on social responsibility and considers how his perspective and ideas align in comparison with other management experts including Drucker and Friedman. Some key components that are included in the evaluation are: †¢ A definition of the concept of social responsibility. †¢ What Cohen identifies as the social responsibility of a business to the workers, stakeholders, and society as a whole. †¢ How Cohen’s perspective of the social responsibilityRead MoreDefinition of Csr1234 Words   |  5 Pagesso one significant issue that most firms have been actively involved in is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Some may debate that it decreases company’s profits by spending much money on CSR. However, according to Needle (2004), ‘good’ CSR is also good for business, a firm could benefit from doing CSR. Thus, this paper aims to explain its importance. It begins with the definition of CSR and its four responsibilities, then presents how it influences a business and benefits it can bring. FinallyRead MoreShould Companies Bear The Corporate Social Responsibility Of Employment Practices Among The Multinational Corporations?1299 Words   |  6 Pagesbear the corporate social responsibility of employment practices among the multinational corporations? This essay will illustrate why the specific ethical issue is essential, analyse further ethical question, define current comprehension of ethical issues, analyse the act of ethical utilitarianism by forecasting three important positive and three important negative consequences, and should companies bear the corporate social responsibility or not. Firstly, the corporate social responsibility (CSR)Read MoreLowes Stance on Social Responsibiliy1440 Words   |  6 PagesLowe’s Corporate Social Responsibility Asher G. Budka MGMT115-1301A-03 Instructor: Joshua C. Rhodes January 13th, 2013 Lowe’s Corporate Social Responsibility This paper is about Lowe’s Corporate Social Responsibility into today’s society. To be discussed is what is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, why should a company implement a CSR program, Lowe’s stance on Corporate Social Responsibility, connection between Lowe’s CSR and the Home Centers Industry, and who is Lowe’s responsibleRead MoreCsr: Creating Shared Value1038 Words   |  5 PagesIt is a central tenet of advocates of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that corporations receive a social sanction from society that requires that they, in return, contribute to the growth and development of that society. There is little argument as to the existence of this sanction but considerable debate as to whether it requires more of the corporation than the obvious: enhancing the society by creating and delivering products and services consumers want, providing Read MoreCorporate Social Responsibility And Corporate Sustainability Essay1658 Words   |  7 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility Vs Corporate Sustainability in India: A case study on Aditya Birla Group Supriya Agarwal Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now a burning topic in India, which became prominent and most amplified in 2013 when companies were obligated to spend two percent of profit after tax in CSR activities set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Although, the concept of CSR is not new in India and has evolved and developed very well from hundreds

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Ethical Practices in Patient Care for Ethics -myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theEthical Practices in Patient Care for Ethics. Answer: Ethical practices are essential in patient care because they outline a set of actions and decisions that must be implemented for the good of the patient. They help to ensure that each person is given the best level of care and attention. Ethics serve as a moral compass that makes nurses to administer patient care in a fair and timely manner. They guide health professionals in making the right decisions in difficult situations. This is achieved when ethical guidelines provide a solution to a moral dilemma that a nurse could be facing when attending to a patient. Additionally, ethical practices ensure that health practitioners attend to all patients with justice and fairness, and that they provide them with optimum comfort(BulmanSchutz, 2013). Under the principle of justice, health providers are required to make medical decisions taking all matters of fairness into consideration. This helps to ensure that there is equal distribution of scarce medical resources among patients. Also, it requires that they uphold all applicable legislations when making medical decisions that affect a patients outcome (Krautschield,2017). Further, ethical practices help to ensure that a patient maintains control over their body and health by advocating for autonomy. A health practitioner may advise or make suggestions to a patient but they should never coerce or persuade them to make a certain decision. Therefore, a patient is allowed to make their own decisions independently according to their personal beliefs and values (McLeod-Sordjan, 2014). For instance, when a patient has a terminal illness, a nurse knows that it is in the best interests of a patient to proceed according to the patients personal interests and will. Ethics dictate that care providers must follow a doctors instructions and provide care in a safe way. They are compelled to point out issues with scheduled care or to alert the relevant professionals on problems that a patient may face so as to achieve better outcomes (Chism, 2015). Moreover, ethical practices help to ensure that nurses do all that is possible to benefit a patient under any circumstance. The beneficence principle dictates that all health procedures must be carried out with the intention to do the best for an individual. Therefore, medical practitioners are required to develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to execute the best medical procedures that are tailored for each patients case (Ellis, 2017). During my clinical placement, I had an experience whereby a 14-year old female came into the health facility claiming that she had been assaulted by her step-father. Upon full medical examination, I discovered that she had been raped and immediately gave her the necessary medical attention. As I was filing a report of the incident, the patient requested that the matter should not be disclosed to the authorities or her mother. Her reasons were that she was afraid of what her step-father would do if he found out that she had reported the incident. This placed me in a moral dilemma since the ethical principles require that a patients autonomy is respected. Conversely, the law requires health professionals to report assault cases especially that of minors to legal authorities(Johnstone, 2015).As the care provider in charge, I went ahead and filed a report with the authorities including my findings of the medical examination. The ethical principles related to this case are autonomy, justice and beneficence. As per the principle of justice, it dictates that medical practitioners must uphold the applicable legislations and laws to a particular situation when making decisions(Solari-Twadwell, 2017). Therefore, I was required by the law to report this matter to the legal authorities so that the matter could be investigated and justice brought upon the perpetrator. The other principle is beneficence which dictates that health professionals must do all things possible that will benefit and bring good to a patient in a particular situation. In this case, the patient required medical attention after her assault. Additionally, reporting the matter to the legal authorities was in an attempt to do good to the patient by having the authorities deal with the perpetrator and bring justice to the victim. Lastly, the principle of autonomy is involved whereby the patient wanted her decision of maintaining confidentiality and privacy about the assault respected (Mallari, Grace Joseph, 2016). According to my own thoughts, I believe that as the nurse in the case, I acted within the ethical guidelines pertaining to patient care. To begin with, I accorded the necessary medical attention to the patient. Therefore, I upheld the beneficence principle of nursing. It was also in the patients best interest that the perpetrator of the crime be brought to justice so that the patient would feel safe and never have to undergo such an ordeal ever again. Reporting a case of child abuse and sexual assault on a minor especially by a parent means that one is prioritizing the patients best interest(Bowrey Thompson, 2014). As of the principle of autonomy, ethical practices of patient care dictated that I had to respect the patients decision of keeping the matter private. It is important that pre-teens and adolescents believe that their confidentiality and privacy will be respected by health care providers. This will encourage them to always seek medical attention whenever they find themselves facing such problems. However, the legal guidelines override this principle as they require the care provider to report such a case of assault especially where a minor is involved(Morton, Fontaine,Hudak Gallo, 2017). I also believe that I upheld the principle of justice by reporting a step father who was sexually assaulting a minor. Therefore, I am of the opinion that I upheld the necessary ethical principles and this ensured that I delivered care to a minor patient in the best way possible. References Bowrey, S., Thompson, J. P. (2014). Nursing research: ethics, consent and good practice. Nursing times, 110(1-3), 20-23. Bulman, C., Schutz, S. (Eds.). (2013). Reflective practice in nursing. John Wiley Sons. Chism, L. A. (2015). The doctor of nursing practice. Jones Barlett Publishers. Ellis, P. (2017). Understanding ethics for nursing students. Learning Matters. Johnstone, M. J. (2015). Bioethics: a nursing perspective. Elsevier Health Sciences. Krautschield, L. C. (2017). Embedding Micro Ethical Dilemmas in High-Fidelity Simulation Scenarios: Preparing Nursing Students for Ethical Practice. Journal of Nursing Education,56(1), 55-58. Mallari, M. S. N., Grace, M., Joseph, D. (2016). Ethical Frameworks for Decision-Making in Nursing Practice and Research: An Integrative Review. McLeod-Sordjan, R. (2014). Evaluating moral reasoning in nursing education. Nursing ethics, 21(4), 473-483. Morton, P. G., Fontaine, D., Hudak, C. M., Gallo, B. M. (2017). Critical care nursing: a holistic approach. Lipincott Williams Wilkins. Solari-Twadwell, P. A. (2017). Ethical Decision Making and Moral Choices: A Foundation for Nursing Practice. Issues and Trends in Nursing, 347.